Chartered with ARBA on 4-16-1990


The American Britannia Petite originated in England and is known there as the Polish. When they were brought to the United States and accepted by the American Rabbit Breeders Association they were given the name Britannia Petite as there was already a recognized breed known by the name Polish. In England colored Petites have been shown with the Ruby Eyed Whites for many years. Originally, the American Rabbit Breeders Association only recognized the Ruby Eyed White, but since that time has accepted the Black, Black Otter, Blue Eyed White, Broken, Chestnut Agouti, and Sable Marten.

There are 7 showable varieties......Black, Black Otter, Blue Eyed White, Broken, Chestnut Agouti, Ruby Eyed White and Sable Marten.


The Britannia Petite is a very old breed, and at one time they were near the point of extinction, but a few dedicated breeders were able to save these sprightly little rabbits. Britannia Petites were once a much larger animal than they are now. The ideal weight of the Britannia Petite is 2 1/4 pounds fully grown. They are one of the smallest breeds of domestic rabbits.

The Britannia Petites are sprightly, upright little show offs. With patience and proper handling, a judge experienced in handling Britannia Petites should be able to get the animal to pose naturally. However, after working with them and giving them the opportunity to show themselves in an upright pose, they should only be mildly faulted if they fail to do so. Because they are an active rabbit by nature, they do not require much prodding to show off. They require a lot of handling and table training to ready them for show presentation. A commitment of time and patience is required to guide one of these lovely animals to show themselves off to their best advantage.

Britannia Petites are shown in local and national shows throughout the country.  Each rabbit is compared to the Standard of Perfection for it's breed, and competes against others of its own breed for BEST OF BREED [BOB] honors. Then, each BOB is judged against one another for the coveted BEST IN SHOW [BIS] title.

The ABPRS has members across the USA, British Columbia, England and Australia.  ABPRS members have the privilege of competing in the annual Sweepstakes Contest which measures to a degree, the success of members exhibiting at local, state, and national all breed and Britannia Petite specialty shows.

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