Chartered with ARBA on 4-16-1990


Link to printable membership form.

*Special Update 11/15/2016*

New club secretary - Michelle Putnam  757-803-0065

New club email address -

ABPRS has members across the USA, British Columbia, England and Australia.  ABPRS members have the privilege of competing in the annual Sweepstakes Contest which measures to a degree, the success of members exhibiting at local, state, and national all breed and Britannia Petite specialty shows.

Looking for a breeder near you? Please feel free to visit the Membership Listing  page. This is a listing that includes breeder's name, rabbitry name, city, state, e-mail, and website link, if applicable. This listing benefit is included to all ABPRS members.

We hope this website answers most of your questions, but our APRS Officers & Committee Members are available to answer any questions you may have.